Ionut Stoican PHP Developer Gameloft
Tudor Filip Radovici OGI Administrator Gameloft
Bogdan Raducu PHP developer Gameloft
Sergiu Negut Growing People to Grow Business Mentor
Robert Knapp CEO CyberGhost
Cristian Oraseanu GM Innovations Incubator: Powered by Crossrider Plc
Matei Dumitrescu Entrepreneur | Startup Advisor | Angel Investor TechAngels
Aura Virgolici Manager MetroSystems

Manager, Passionate about Continuous Delivery & other DevOps techniques & processes.

Liviu Esanu Senior Java Developer MetroSystems

Senior Java Developer, with 9+ years of Java experience. His passions are AI, machine learning and competitive programming.

Razvan-Cristian Marales Java Developer MetroSystems

Java Developer. Domains of interest: IoT, Cloud and Microservices.

Marius Tanasoiu Java Senior Developer MetroSystems

Java Senior Developer. Domains of interest: Mobile App development, Software architecture.

Stefan Dima Java Developer MetroSystems

Passionate senior Java Developer with over 25 years’ experience in programming.

Andrei Vidvischi Software Architect MetroSystems

Software Developer for 11 years with competences in Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Cassandra, JAVA 8, Kubernetes, etc.

Mike Elsmore Developer-at-Large BuildByMe

As with most people in software I spend most of my life at a keyboard, but I’m lucky that my hobby is my job.

I spend my time helping others (and myself) to learn new things, and occasionally solve different and difficult problems.

Radu- Sebastian Amarie Head of Engineering Findie

Trying to change the world since 1990 I’m a full stack polyglot programmer, in love with analytics and statistics. I also do behaviour psychology and read everything I can about marketing.

Using AI to decipher BigData generated by IoT
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