We’re kicking off a brand new edition of DevTalks in Bucharest. Bigger plans for this summer too as we have extended our stages area as well as added new networking and fun areas for a greater event experience.

This year DevTalks brings together great community leaders and innovation. With 400 to 500 seats available, this year’s stages will feature: Web & Mobile, BigData & Cloud, DevOps, smart devices, machine learning, AI and more.

In addition to these 4 big stages we have also prepared 2 smaller stages and a variety of workshops so we can bring more interesting subjects on the plate.

Book the date in Bucharest! On June 8th prepare for a great networking experience, a bunch of awesome speakers and many surprises from our partners, as we will take out new approaches in software development, highlighting the changes for this year.


Machine Intelligence, 4D printing, Quantum Computing, Smart Data Discovery,  IoT, Blockchain, and other innovative technologies that are shaping our future.


Discussing the 2017 top trends and technologies for web & mobile development: AI chatbots, Angular 2.4, hybrid apps, m-commerce, Rails 5  app streaming and many more.


Hadoop, MapReduce, HBase and HDFS are decreasing in popularity, that’s yesterday’s news. But which of the faster technologies – like real time fast! – will be the ones to replace them?


In the next few years professionals with a solid background in both IT development AND operations will be in high demand, so we want to prepare in advance. Topics like continuous delivery, continuous integration and continuous deployment will be a must for this stage.


Project management skills are a must in any organization, especially in the IT field. Whether you aspire to become a team leader or you want to start your own startup, we are sure you will have lots to learn from other IT professionals who have mastered this art.


Love it or hate it, but the truth is Java is everywhere, from desktop apps to website backend systems. So why not dedicate a whole track to it?


Serban Ghita – How I learned JavaScript/TypeScript by making and playing a HTML5 game


Natalino Busa – Building Data Driven Applications with Jupyter Gateway, and Python and Spark

2017 Speakers


Rustam Mehmandarov Principal Engineer / Consultant Computas

Passionate computer scientist. Leader of the Norwegian JUG – javaBin and JavaZone. Lead developer. Architect. Speaker. Competency network coordinator for information management at work.

Escaping developer’s nightmares
Philippe Charrière Technical Evangelist CleverCloud

I have double life :

by day, I’m “Cloud Master” at a 🇫🇷  company,

at night, some call me “K33gorg” (@k33g_org) and I become a “Golo developer advocate”. (http://golo-lang.org/) (Golo is a lightweight dynamic language for the JVM and incubated by the Eclipse Foundation)

I’m addict to Golo of course (I’m a core committer of the project), but too to JavaScript, Electron, Atom and IOT

GOLO, the tiny language that gives super powers
Stefan Petrica Technical Project Manager Dell Financial Services

DellOps, the culture of change
Paul Ardeleanu Mobile Software Consultant Lupo

Paul is a software engineer, trainer and speaker specialised in data-driven solutions on Apple platforms with an emphasis on prototyping, best practices and balance with agility. He started programming back in the days of Fortran, graduated with a PhD in Computational Physics from UCLan and currently building multi-platform software solutions at Lupo, a software consultancy in London, UK. He blogs on Medium [http://m.pardel.net] and often tweet [http://twitter.com/pardel].

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