We’re kicking off a brand new edition of DevTalks. Bigger plans this year too as we have now 2 halls and an outdoor space dedicated to the fun and the stages we will announce shortly. 

In 2017 Dev Talks brings together great community leaders, innovation and fun. We will enlarge the space dedicated to our stages and we officially announce the Mobile & Web Stage, Big Data & Cloud, DevOps, a Main Stage dedicated to smart devices, machine learning or AI. So we will have almost 400 and 500 seats available to each content stage.

Plus, we will open soon the available tickets for our workshops and 2 smaller stages where we will have the freedom to bring more subjects on the plate.

Book the date in Bucharest, on June  8th. Prepare for a  great networking space, a bunch of awesome speakers and many surprises from our partners, as Dev Talks 2017 in Bucharest will take out new approaches in software development, highlighting the changes for this year.


What are the tech predictions for 2020? How will we improve our current hardware in the next few years and what will that mean for the next generation of smart devices and wearables?


We are generating more data than ever before and with the rapid development of IoT the amount of data will pose serious issues, not only when it comes to storage and analytics, but when it comes to securing our data as well.


We currently have 3 main mobile platforms and each comes with its own approach when it comes to development. We want to know what are the challenges that the developers have faced so far and how did they resolved them.


The number of mobile users may have exceeded that of desktop users, but the Web is (still) here to stay.

2016 Speakers


Alex Lakatos Frontend Developer OVO Energy

Alex Lakatos has been a Mozilla Representative Mentor and contributor to the Mozilla project for the past five years, based in London. JavaScript developer building on the open web, he has been pushing its boundaries every day. You can check out his github profile or get in touch on twitter. When he’s not programming, he likes to travel the world, so it’s likely you’ll bump into him in an airport lounge.

Junior, meet DevTools
Battle of frameworks
Firefox DevTools Deep Dive
Ciprian Gabriel Dobre Software Architect & DevOps Engineer Axway

A software craftsmanship journeyman with more than 10 years experience in B2B Enterprise Application Integration, working as a project manager, software architect and DevOps engineer for Axway’s data flow governance platform.

Ground to cloud
Dragos Stoica Teaching Assistant University Politehnica of Bucharest

My name is Dragos STOICA. I am 42 years old.
I have two kids and I enjoy rediscovering nature and life from a different perspective with them.
I confess I started programming in 1988. I wrote my first mobile application back in 2005 under J2ME. Since 2007 I am freelancer in IT involved in various industries both private and government agencies.
I team up with intelligent people, share our projects and ideas with you, with the ultimate purpose to have fun together. I invite all serious investors to join our projects and build the future together.

nRF51 DK – IOT playground
Choosing the right standard for the job
Mobile in the context of IoT
Patkos Csaba Lead Software Developer Syneto

Really good technology must help us from our grumpy morning wakeup until we fell asleep at night. This is why Csaba goes to work every day. By being the lead software developer at Syneto he contributes to the building of the next generation storage devices. He fulfils his professional dream by writing software, managing teams, leading and mentoring others. He is also known for his speech at Agile 2015 in Washington DC / USA entitled “One Bug per Month”, also presented at Dev Talks 2014.

The future of continuous integration