We’re kicking off a brand new edition of DevTalks in Bucharest. Bigger plans for this summer too as we have extended our stages area as well as added new networking and fun areas for a greater event experience.

In 2018, we go even bigger! Top-notch speakers from all around the world and great community leaders will join DevTalks to be part of the largest expo-conference for software developers in Romania. Following the latest technology trends and the most requested topics from our participants, the Stages of the 2018 edition will feature: Emerging Tech, DevOps, Web & Mobile, Datafication, Automotive, Product Management, and Java.

In addition to these, we’re setting the Agenda with a variety of workshops so we can bring more interesting subjects and hands-on experience on the plate.

Book the date in Bucharest! On June 8th prepare for a great networking experience, a bunch of awesome speakers and many surprises from our partners, as we will take out new approaches in software development, highlighting the changes for this year.

Emerging Technologies

Transition to 2045. Blockchain. IoT. Automotive. Smart Dust.


Progressive Web Apps. Mobile Trends. Hibrid Apps. Digital City.


Data Management. Business Intelligence. Cloud. Big Data in Automotive. Analytics.


DevSecOps. DevOps Metrics. Will testers learn to code or Die?

Product Management

Data Driven Product Development. Product Leadership. Product Management in Start-ups. Security.


Java 8 & 9. IoT -the future of Java? IntelliJ.


Autonomous Cars. Connected Cars. Mobility as a Service. Connection with Blockchain.

Expo Area

Networking. Fun. Exhibitors. Demo. Showcase. Start-ups.

2017 Speakers


Vladimir Novick Software Architect & Consultant Vladimir Novick - Development Services

Software architect, consultant, mentor, worldwide speaker, published author, I like to be involved in innovative projects using the latest technologies available. I speak JavaScript whether it’s on the server, on the client, on mobile or powering smart homes and robotic appliances. I’m always updated what’s new in technology and where it will go in next couple of years. I write clean, tested, modular and maintainable code which is cross platform compatible and standards compliant.

Web – VR battle
Adrian Hornsby Cloud Architecture Evangelist Amazon Web Services

Adrian has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, having worked as a software and system engineer, backend, web and mobile developer and part of DevOps teams where his focus has been on cloud infrastructure and site reliability, writing application software, deploying servers and managing large scale architectures. Today, Adrian tends to get super excited by AI and IoT, and especially in the convergence of both technologies.

IoT, real-time Analytics and moving to AI
Peter Senna Tschudin Founder A new cloud computing company

Since 2011 my focus is on Linux Kernel development. I went to Linux Kernel Summit 2011 as listener, sent some janitorial patches, and had a lightning talk on Kernel Summit 2013(having Linus on the audience is thrilling!). I spent one year in Paris getting ready for my PhD which started on May 2014.

Why do we love the cloud, and what we need to love our Internal IT again?
Mark Wyner UX Designer, Researcher, Public Speaker, Writer Mark Wyner LLC

Mark has been working as a creative professional and technologist for nearly twenty years, partnering with Fortune 100/500 companies and non-profits to craft meaningful experiences for digital UIs and ecosystems in new technologies. He shares his thoughts as an international speaker and writer. In his personal life Mark is a daily meditator, soccer addict, father of five, husband of one, and social justice activist. He also has a great story about saving his son from a scorpion by catching it in a jar with his ninja-like reflexes

A New Dawn of the Human Experience: Artificial Sentience and Fabricated Empathy in Cognitive Computing
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